Mounts Bay and Penzance

Jim Saltonstall looks at Mounts Bay and Penzance
On the Land’s End peninsular of Cornwall, both Mounts Bay and Penzance Sailing Clubs offer fantastic racing waters. Both clubs have hosted some great championships over the years, and to this day, are still amongst the most popular racing venues in Britain. Penzance Sailing Club is situated at the western end of the bay, in the harbour of Penzance itself; whereas Mounts Bay Sailing Club is situated in the North East corner, close to St. Michael's Mount. With huge road improvement schemes all the way down to Land’s End, journey times have been slashed by hours, making both clubs far more accessible than they were. Accommodation in the area is excellent, with numerous good hotels, restaurants and camping facilities. But as always, like any popular venue, book early to save disappointment, especially during the school holidays. Hospitality at both clubs has always been excellent; the club members have always made us very welcome in the past, and put maximum effort into hosting great National, European, and World championships. Race Area Basically there are two race areas in the bay, one to the west, operated by Penzance, and one to the east, operated by Mounts Bay. However, if only one race area is required, it would normally be central in the bay. The bay itself is almost an identical copy to that of Weymouth in shape, but very different in its surrounding landmass. Mounts Bay is land locked from 200 degrees clockwise through north round to 120 degrees, so when the wind direction comes from anywhere within this sector, you can expect it to be shifty. Then it’s eyes out of the boat most of the time looking for the puffs and the wind shifts. Do not forget your basic theory while in the northern hemisphere - when the wind comes from the