Never been to an Open Meeting?

But think you might like to give it a try? Paul Brotherton explains the steps
Q: Having only sailed at my local club with my son in my Enterprise, I am keen to go to one of the local open meetings. Trouble is, I have never been to any other sailing club, and I’m totally in the dark as to what the form is for entering and sailing at such an event? Fear not. I am certain that if you go to one of the smaller, local open meetings first, you will be given a warm, friendly and enthusiastic welcome - especially if you tell them that you’ve chosen their club for your first expedition away from home! But, first-things-first - you will need to be a member of the Enterprise Class Association, have your boat measured and be fully insured for racing away from your home club. I suspect that your own club rules will already insist on all of these things. But if not, none of them are difficult to organise. Give your insurer a quick call and check that you have the necessary cover to trail the boat on the road, and to race. Then you need to contact the Enterprise Association - you can find the contact details in madforsailing’s Resources Class Directory. Call the Secretary and tell them that you’d like to join and get your boat measured, so that you can race at Open Meetings. They will tell you everything that you need to know, and after paying a small membership fee you will receive a membership pack that normally includes a year book and details of the class measurers. Next, you need to get in touch with the nearest class measurer. They will help you through the process, which is usually straightforward, and at the end of it you will have an Enterprise measurement certificate and a membership