Your technical questions...

Paul Brotherton answers
From Sabrina I am new to sailing and have found my new passion in life. I have been trying to find information with regards to how the sails work, such as the angles to 'catch' the wind and how far up the sails should be for various weather conditions. Can you recommend a web site or book that can give me the information I'm looking for? Welcome to sailing. Be warned - a passion for sailing can mean a life long commitment. Since I started when I was seven, I have never had more than two consecutive weekends away from sailing in nearly 30 years. You have been warned. There are some fabulous sailing books available aimed at the beginner. Some are a little basic, but the one that springs to mind is a book written by John Terry, titled 'The True Techniques of Sailing'. My overriding advice would be to join a local inland or sheltered coastal sailing club and sail as often as you can. You will meet a lot of 'experts' along the way - my advice there is don't assume they know any more than you. Try what people tell you, but your own experience and finding what works for you is far more important. Try and learn from your mistakes - Good luck. From Jo Assael I'm 17 and have been racing dinghies all my life (now racing Lasers and 420s). I want to move on now to do some big boat racing .The problem is that I am young and no one wants to have an inexperienced crew member on board their boat. How should I go about getting involved in the yachting scene with no yacht racing experience. Many thanks for your question. I am really pleased you have highlighted the issues you are currently having. Sailing in the