Andy Richards - a madforsailing profile

The Laser 5000 UK National and EuroCup champion is ready to give 18-foot skiffing a go
Where were you born? Brussels, Belgium What’s your date of birth? 5th April 1970. What age did you start sailing? Apparently was taken sailing from the age of 18 months, but first memories were in a home built Mirror at 7 years old. What was your first regatta win? Mirror Scottish Championships 1986. What’s your biggest event or championship win? Laser 5000 Eurocup and UK Nationals in 1998. Any other notable regattas you’d like to mention? Sailing 470s in the early 1990s, 4th in Miami, 6th at Worlds, 10th at SPA. Which event will you be taking part in next? Laser 5000, and hopefully some skiff and Ultra 30 racing this year. Where did you grow up? Born in Belgium but from the age of nine I spent my years in Scotland which I call home. What job do you do? Supply chain manager working for Unilever. If you weren’t doing the job you are, what would you like to be doing instead? Sailing of course! What other sports do you do outside sailing? Mountain biking, squash, swimming. Any other hobbies or interests? Travelling to new places - I make it my goal to see a new country every year. Favourite method of relaxing? Food and drink with my wife, family and friends. Favourite bar or pub? So many great pubs out there - as long as you're out with your friends, all are favourites! What inspired you to take up sailing? I was influenced by my parents who were sailors and when I really got stuck into sailing I realised that no other sport offers so much physically and mentally and comes with a great social life. Above all it has been, and will hopefully always remain fun. If it wasn't, I'd quit. Where was your first sailing club? Helensburgh in Scotland. Which class did you first race in? Optimist and Mirrors. How did you buy your first boat? My dad paid for and built me an Optimist and a Mirror as pocket money