New winter dinghy series

Announcing the Typhoon Winter Classic Circuit in association with
A new Winter circuit comprising of four of the major Winter Open Events; the Grafham Grand Prix, Bloody Mary, Weston Warm Up and the Hoo Freezer is being sponsored by Typhoon International in association with madfor sailing. In a bold move to encourage participation in the winter events all entries to each of the participating events will automatically be entered for FREE in the The Typhoon Winter Classic circuit. madfor sailing will track the progress of competitors at the participating events and provide an overall results service. Due to the different structure of the various events madfor sailing will extract category results from those events that are run as one all-in event. All results will be available on madfor sailing immediately after each event, together with overall standings in the Typhoon Winter Classic circuit. Typhoon International will be presenting prizes for the winner of each of the Participating Events and for the overall Typhoon Winter Classic circuit winners - as well as prizes to all competitors entering a minimum of three of the participating events. Prizes will include; Typhoon International Racer Dry Suits, Winter Riot Steamers, Edge Wet Suits, Alpha Dry Tops and Regatta Dinghy Boots Individual entry to each event is the responsibility of the competitor. Remember though, all entries to each event are automatically entered FREE in the The Typhoon Winter Classic circuit. Participating Events The Grafham Grand Prix, Grafham Water SC, Saturday 30 December 2001 The Bloody Mary, Queen Mary SC, Saturday 5 January 2002 The Weston Warm Up, Weston SC, Saturday and Sunday, 2 and 3 February 2002 The Hoo Freezer, Hoo Ness YC, Sunday, 10 February 2002 The overall Typhoon Winter Classic circuit awards will be made at the Sailboat & Windsurf Show at Alexander Palace, 2/3 March 2002. Event details on page 2.... Entry details on page 3......123next ›last »