Hamble return to basics

Hamble River SC have dropped an asymmetric class from the Warming Pans this year

Wednesday January 30th 2002, Author: Eddie Mays, Location: United Kingdom
Hamble Warming pan 2001This year is the 40th anniversary of Hamble River Sailing Club’s opening event of the year.

The club have decided not to include an asymmetric class this year. Safety considerations and risk assessments have played an important part in making this decision. You should note that by mistake some initial posters did include this class.

Last year the event attracted over 100 dinghies and as the meeting is being held a fortnight after the RYA’s Sailboat Exhibition the club is expecting an even larger turnout this year.

In 1962 when the event was first run only the Merlin Rocket and National 12 classes took part. Within a few years this had been expanded to include International 14s and Fireflies and in subsequent years a variety classes have taken part.

For the past few seasons the event has included handicap classes. This year the club are returning to original concept of class racing only. The Laser 4000s, RS 400s and RS 200s will join the International 14s, Merlin Rockets and Fireflies for the event.

The Warming Pan Open is on the 16 and 17 March - full details of the event can be found on the club website www. hambleriversc. org. uk or obtained by emailing the club at sailsec@hambleriversc.org.

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