RS open the 800 options.....

...with the introduction of the RS800 S version

Friday February 1st 2002, Author: Gerald New, Location: United Kingdom
RS have announced a major change to the RS800 twin trapeze, asymmetric class.

RS800 at 2001 NationalsThe RS800 was originally conceived as a dinghy that could be raced in either single trapeze or twin trapeze mode, using adjustment of the racks to equalise leverage.

But, things do not always go according to plan and the class evolved almost solely as a twin-wire fleet, with very few people competing with the single trapeze set-up.

Martin Wadham of RS commented; "It was always a good idea, but the single trapeze option did make it wide, which can be daunting, for the crew, who is out on extended racks and the helm with an uncomfortable hiking position".

From the feedback RS were getting at their demonstration days they felt that potential RS800 sailors were put off by the image that the class had gained of having to go twin trapeze to compete successfully.

The new single trapeze RS800S will be the same hull and rig as the present RS800, the two are interchangeable. But the separation of the two styles of sailing setup will open the class to helms that do not wish to trapeze, with narrower rack settings allowing much easier trapezing for the crew and more comfortable hiking and movement about the boat for the helm.

Martin again; "The boat will be a truly attainable high performance skiff. And of course, the original intention of making a boat that one could start to sail in single wire mode and then move on to twin wire, will still apply".

With this move RS have again shown a shrewd understanding of what their customers want and reacted to it. The RS800 has been a tremendous success for them and very popular with the crews, this move to widen its appeal will no doubt put some other single trapeze classes under pressure.

It also gives the secondhand RS800 market a boost, the interchangeability of the boats and the widening of its appeal means that the already tight market just tightened another notch.

Specific class racing for RS800S boats will be provided on the RS circuit and with a predicted PY of 850, making it significantly faster than all other single wire boats, it will be a popular handicap racer.

RS800 at Mounts Bay championship - 2001

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