Medemblik Venue Guide

Jim Saltonstall provides essential advice to all ferrets taking their ships to SPA Olympic Regatta
SPA, over the years has grown into one of the great regattas for the Olympic classes, attracting ferrets from all corners of the planet. It is a follow-on from the spring regattas in the Med, moving further north into Europe ready for the summer events. Medemblik is situated on the west coast of the Isselmeer north of Amsterdam. This is easy to get to for the GBR contingent who normally invade the Dutch coast either from the south via Dover Calais, or from the west, via Harwich Hook, or from the north west, from Hull to Rotterdam. From the ports, driving through Holland is great - there are excellent motorways all the way and it is absolutely flat, with no mega-hills to climb whilst towing your ships. But a warning...the local plod are very keen to prevent you from speeding, especially whilst towing and on the spot fines which are not cheap!!! The route is well signed from the south - it is quicker to pass to the east of Amsterdam on the ring, so do not miss the turn for Purmerend, Hoorn and Leeuwarden on the A10, leading to the A7/E22, take J11 for Medemblik. If you miss the east ring, do not worry about it, as to pass round the west ring of the city is not that much longer, so it is not a disaster! Medemblik itself is a great place, steeped in both character and history - a very typical Dutch seaside town very popular in the summer season with lots of visitors. Facilities are excellent both ashore and afloat. These are normally shared with the village of Andijk, just to the south round the corner. The ships are parked between Andijk and Medemblik depending on where your race area is. Travelling between the towns is