Vareos at Oxford SC

A report from the combined racing with the RS300s

Tuesday September 10th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
Bright sunshine and a good wind welcomed the RS300 and RS Vareo fleets to Oxford Sailing Club on Saturday, 7 September.

With the forecast of a windy day, 11 Vareos gathered in Oxford for a very challenging event. The condition will be very different during the three races. Light wind for the first, increasing during the day to reach its maximum during the third race.

In the first race a group of three took the lead after the first mark and sailed together for the rest of the race, to finish within 5 seconds from each other, Christopher Froehlich being first in front of John Taylor beating Antoine Vincent for a fraction of second.

In the second race the wind strength increased and the leader changed several times. Froehlich lost its lead to Phil Harris and Robin Sander after an unfortunate capsize. He still managed to regain the second spot just yards from the line and would score some critical point for the overall lead.

In the third race, the wind reached its maximum, and boat handling was critical. Robin Sanders was the best in what was sometime very challenging conditions. Christopher Froehlich after leading the race for a while capsized, giving John Taylor the opportunity to take a deserved second place.

Overall, Christopher Froehlich wins the event, in front of Robin Sander second and John Taylor third.


1st Christopher Froelich 1 2 3
2nd Robin Sander 5 3 4
3rd John Taylor 2 5 4
4th Phil Harris 4 1 5
5th Antoine Vincent 3 4 7
6th Graham Cooper 7 7 11
7th Robert Norris 8 6 14
8th Eddie McDonald 6 DNF 14
9th A. Chauldicott 9 11 16
10th Rene Smith 10 9 18
11th Mark Shear 11 8 19

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