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More debate about the Commodore's Cup and the new Bethwaite trapeze harness
Simon Brown and Dierdre Horneck raced the Prima 38 White Knuckles II in Ireland Green Our interview with Farr International's Peter Morton has set Prima 38 sailor Julian Bates off... Ah yes - the usual whining about the outcome of a handicap event, and I don't really blame anyone for so doing. Inevitably ANY handicap system will produce unfair levelling of boat performance in some - if not all - circumstances, and placing 33 different shaped boats on a start line to follow the same course was always going to be risky. Let's be clear - these boats were vastly different. To put a 52 foot race boat against a 35 foot caravan (thank you Mr Morton I feel 'so' warm and loved as a potential customer that I might just have to go out and buy a 'proper' boat from you?) and expect any rating system to make sense across a variety of conditions and courses is naive. IRC isn't bad, and has it's merits over other systems, but nothing is perfect. The RORC race committee possibly has some lessons to learn from the RCC but give them a break. This was supposed to be a Corinthian event. The best alternative in my view is one-design racing, and even though I have a vested interest, I have to say that some excellent boat on boat racing was had at Cork by the 15 Prima 38s. No bitching about dodgy ratings, no worrying that because the wind had dropped off so much that the such-and-such design of boat would then clean up on handicap etc. Just racing. We do however have to live with our handicap system for most big boat racing, and it would be nice if we could do a little more to address the problems in the system that