Warm Up the weekend.....

....with the third event on the Typhoon Winter Classics Circuit - the Weston Warm Up

Wednesday January 23rd 2002, Author: Gerald New, Location: United Kingdom

Round three of the Typhoon Winter Classics circuit is the Weston Warm Up at Weston SC. This is a two day event with the first race at 1200 hrs on Saturday 3 February.

Weston are doing a special offer of free entry to the Warm Up if you enter their following Freezer series at the same time. Remember that entry in the Typhoon circuit is also FREE and as this is the third event then those who have done all three receive a Beanie hat!

Typhoon International will be providing Winter Riot Steamers to the overall winners at the Weston Warm Up - winner with lowest number of points in Warm Up specified events, tie to be split by most number of first places.

There is one more event on the circuit to go after the Weston Warm Up, the Hoo Freezer, so you can still get in the overall prizes and positions could change dramatically this weekend. There are a lot of people with one good result who could get into the top group with this event - three events out of the four count. Total entry on the circuit after two events is 459.

Prizes for the overall circuit winners will include; Typhoon International Racer Dry Suits, Winter Riot Steamers, Edge Wet Suits, Alpha Dry Tops and Regatta Dinghy Boots

Leading positions after 2 events

1 Vince Horey, Fireball - 11pts
2 Dave Hall, B14 - 12pts
2 Simon Allen, International Canoe - 12pts
2 Phil Laycock, Finn - 12pts
3 Andrea Brewster, Europe - 15pts
4 Steve Restall RS200 - 16pts
5 Mike Sims, 505/Laser - 18pts
6 Jeremy Davy, Fireball - 20pts
6 Carl Jeffs, GP14 - 20pts
7 Michael Lasko, 49er - 23pts
8 Edmund Gatehouse, RS700 - 24pts
9 Martin Harrison, International Moth - 30pts
10 Tim Chapman, Mustio Skiff - 31pts
10 Russell Short, 505 - 31pts
10 Edward Chapman, 29er - 31pts
11 Peter Lindley, ISO - 40pts
12 Ian Martin, RS400 - 54pts

Check YOUR overall position after two events.

Weston Warm Up - Saturday & Sunday, 2 and 3 February 2002
Overall Typhoon prize to winner with lowest number of points in Warm Up events.
(Tie to be split by most number of first places. If still tied highest number of second places and so on)

Entry Fee:- £10 per boat (singlehander)
Entry Fee:- £15 per boat (two hander)
Matt McCarthy Tel; 023 8077 8487 or Matt Causon 07979 473905

Details at http://www.weston.org.uk

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