Fat Face RS racing at North Berwick

Reports and results from the 200s, 300s and 400s over the bank holiday

Friday May 9th 2003, Author: Heather Chipperfield, Location: United Kingdom
The, now annual, trip to North Berwick for the RS 200s was supported by a good turn out of 30 boats, variable weather and extended opening hours. All in all an almost perfect weekend for sailing as for the most part the wind blew and the rain stayed off. And we all got lots of ice cream. All of the competitors at the event enjoyed it immensely, with many already booking accommodation for next year’s Nationals!

People woke on Saturday to look at a very windy course area with many smiles. By the time racing started the wind had dropped to a gentle F3 and as the racing continued the wind dropped still further, with the leading boats finishing in very little wind. The dropping wind did not detract from some extremely close racing throughout the fleet, with the lead only being settled on the final reach to the finish. The race was eventually won by James (I didn’t hit a corner in this one) Stewart sailing with new crew Alex Halliwell. Coming in a very close second were Josh Gebhard and Simon Evans showing they are likely contenders when the circuit moves to their home club, Derwent, at the beginning of June.

As the 200 watched the 400 fleet drift towards the finish line in the last of the dying breeze many 200 sailors watched the spectacle of some very enthusiastic 400 kinetics, all to no avail. Race officer Jim Sinclair wisely let the fleet wait it out on the water as the forecast promised new breeze. After 45 minutes the wind filled in and slowly built to a good F4. Racing was underway again – Ian Pickard sailing with Lucy Mathews got off to a cracking start and had a good lead by the first mark, this was steadily eroded around the course by Steve and Laurie Dunn though Pickard held on for the win. Third place went to Pete Vincent and Sarah Allen, who were pushed hard and managed to hold on. The breeze was now strong enough that a few members of the fleet were testing their water wings and race three started. This time Jon Lewis and Milly Parsons made no mistakes and headed off for a nice victory, closely followed by Tom Hewitson sailing with Fiona Clarke and Pickard/Mattews.

Saturday night was a blend of torture and good company as the karaoke machine was in action. The late opening of the bars tested the stamina of the southern sailors and was in part responsible for some sore heads on Sunday. However, the racing on Sunday was simply superb. The wind was blowing a good F4 gusting to F5 and the racing was extremely tight. Race four was started with two boats reaching in to the start line kites up and generally looking very sheepish. James Stewart then had some real fun at the pin end as he tried to squeeze into a very small gap, resulting in the removal of his rudder and enough turns to get dizzy! The race was won by Hewitson/Clark with charging Dunns in second. Vincent/Allen showed they had not been in the bar long enough by getting a third.

As the wind built race 5 got underway, again Hewitson/Clark had an excellent start while the Dunns could do with lessons in starting, however some good downwind sailing brought them back into second for the race. Behind there was some real tussles going on with places changes on almost all of the legs of the course, eventually Patrick Altoft sailing with Adam Tunningley pulled through into third place. Race 6 was led almost from start to finish by the Dunns, with some more extremely close racing continuing through out the remainder of the fleet, Lewis/Parsons managed to hold Pickard/Matthews for third place in the race.

With a great day on Sunday Steve and Laurie Dunn won the event, first lady was Sarah Taylor sailing with Claire Upton-Brown.

RS 200 Overall results:

Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
1 Steve Dunn Laurie Dunn 4 2 5 2 2 1 11
2 Tom Hewitson Fiona Clarke 5 9 2 1 1 5 14
3 Ian Pickard Lucy Mathews 14 1 3 4 DNF 3 25
4 Pete Vincent Sarah Allen 10 3 7 3 DSQ 4 27
5 James Stewart Alex Halliwell 1 8 9 6 DSQ 6 30
6 Patrick Altoft AdamTunningley 6 10 4 7 3 DNC 30
7 Sarah Taylor C. Upton-Brown 12 6 8 8 4 10 36
8 Connor Mc Gaughey Scott Graham 9 4 6 10 DSQ 9 38
9 Ollie Holden SarahFreestone 3 13 13 5 DSQ 7 41
10 JonLewis Mad Milly Parsons 7 5 1 DNS DSQ 2 46
11 Josh Gebhard Simon Evans 2 15 11 9 DSQ 11 48
12 Trudie Danbury Bert Ryder 13 11 14 11 DSQ 8 57
13 Bess Homer Kirsty Higgins 8 7 16 18 12 DNC 61
14 Graeme Henry Shona Redpath 16 19 15 13 6 12 62
15 Ewan Dunn Jo Foulkes 11 14 22 12 8 DNC 67
16 Lucy Davey Jane Sutor 15 17 12 16 15 DNC 75
17 Katie Masterson Fiona Foulkes 18 24 17 19 5 17 76
18 Andrew Hartley Eve Hartley 20 18 10 17 14 18 77
19 Martin Smith Barbara Smith 19 16 19 24 9 15 78
20 David Redpath Anna Renz 26 12 26 21 13 16 88
21 J.Thompson R. Thompson 23 20 23 22 17 14 96
22 Peter Greggs Ronnie Carter 29 27 25 23 10 13 98
23 Kirsty Mc Sereney Sandy Mc Jeveney 24 22 18 15 DSQ 19 98
24 Nick Marshall Kieth Renz 22 21 24 20 18 21 102
25 Sarah Robertson Kate Mitchell 21 26 20 DSQ 11 DNC 109
26 Sarah Meldrum Jess Copland 25 23 21 14 DSQ DNC 114
27 Findlay Mc Donald Lindsey Doig 27 25 27 25 16 22 115
28 Jane Robertson Eric Robertson 28 28 DNS 26 19 20 121
29 Pete Birrell Brenda Renz 30 DNC 28 DNS 7 DNC 127
30 Richard Evans Val Evans 17 DNS DNS DNS DNC DNC 141

We had 6 300s at the Fat Face event at East Lothian YC, North Berwick on the 3/4th May who enjoyed the brisk conditions, a bit of sun and a few rain squalls.

Race 1 was the lightest wind at about 10 knots but was very hard work due to a large swell coming in from the east against the westerly wind, causing some unusual boat handling problems. Ian Baillie coped best and had a large lead by the end in front of Steve Cook who had managed to sneak ahead of Ben Yates down the last run. Mark Henman was 4th with his A rig There was a long wait while the wind disappeared completely before backing to the south and increasing. So race 2 started into a shifty, gusty offshore breeze, with Yates leading for most of the race from Cook until they both
decided that 2 laps were enough and went for the finish, allowing Baillie (who can count) to close up and pass them both.

Baillie led right from the start of race 3 and was never caught. Yates continued his good form to take 2nd from Cook with Eddie Griffiths consolidating 4th with his new boat.

Sunday was bright and sunny again with more wind from the south, giving similar shifty conditions. There were more squalls with the wind being recorded up to 25 knots. Race 4 looked like a copy of the first 3 with Baillie building up a commanding lead until a roaching 400 caused him to capsize on the last run with Cook taking advantage to win.
However he made no mistakes in race 5 to win the race and series with Cook 2nd again from Yates and Steve McDonald picking up his second 4th place after his nightmare Saturday. Cook won the last race from Yates with Griffith continuing his improvement with a 3rd. Baillie decided to try some swimming practice, McDonald was 5th and Henman battled round, making sure he finished every race.

RS 300 results overall:

Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7
1 Ian Baillie 1 1 1 2 1 4 6
2 Steve Cook 2 3 3 1 2 1 9
3 Ben Yeats 3 2 2 3 3 2 12
4 Edward Griffiths 5 4 4 5 5 3 21
5 S. Macdonald 6 5 6 4 4 5 24
6 Mark Henman 4 6 5 6 6 6 27

North Berwick is an awesome venue; a beautiful seaside town with excellent sailing and a friendly welcoming club, it’s always well worth a long journey for this hidden treasure. With a brand new clubhouse opened only 3 weeks ago, the Scottish leg of the Fat Face Racing Circuit was also an excellent opportunity to check out the venue for the 2004 Nationals.

The event proved to be a battle between two boats; namely Craig Burlton and Nick Craig - and although these two were made to work hard for their positions, they finished well clear of the chasing pack on overall points.

Having said this, race 1 began with a surprise: Mason Woodworth and Simon Hamilton, in their first event, sailing the oldest boat in the fleet, led to the windward mark in a shifty force 3 that was rapidly dropping away. As the wind disappeared, they couldn’t hold on to the lead, allowing Burlton and Bonsey to cruise past to take the win followed by Ian Wood and Ian Fletcher. Martin Browne and Dinah Holmes finished an excellent 3rd and Steven Leask and JP McCaldin were the first Scottish boat, managing to take 10 places on the windless final leg to finish 4th. Craig/Bedborough had a difficult race, only managing a 5th.

With the wind all but disappearing on the last leg of race 1, the Race Officer Jim Sinclair showed excellent judgement by postponing race 2, as after about an hour of waiting, a steady force 3-4 arrived in a weird freaky kind of way….(you had to be there!)

With the course re-laid and the fleet eager to get on, Race 2 got underway. Craig/Bedborough set the record straight by leading to the windward mark and sailing away cleanly to take the win…the first of 4 straight bullets in the following races. Dobbin Kenwood/Toby Lewis from ‘Humble’ River found their form to finish second, and Wood & Fletcher continued their good run to finish 3rd. Burlton/Bonsey finished 4th.

A quick turnaround between race 2 and 3 ensured that, despite the late start and the delay, 3 races would still be completed before the main business of the evening’s Kareoke. Craig/Bedborough had a long battle with Burlton/Bonsey before beating them to the finish line, followed by Kenyon/Lewis in 3rd. Tubby O’Brian/Colin ‘I’m in a’ Staite, had their best result of the weekend to finish 4th.

Those that missed Matt Grimm singing ‘In the Navy’ or Pete Vincent singing ‘I’ll be your Teddy Bear’ after 18 gallons of rum & coke will never quite understand just what a lucky escape they had. There were a few worried faces amongst the locals as East Lothian Yacht Club’s immaculate new clubhouse was given its first real test…a night of partying RS style. Fortunately the clubhouse escaped unscathed despite the fact that some foolish person had put John ‘6 bottles’ Callaghan in charge of ordering the rum and had let Colin ‘I’m in a’ Staite into the clubhouse.

An early start on Sunday morning meant that there were one or two absences as the fleet headed out in to a freshening force 3. Funny? There was no sign off life from the Snake van. Yet again, there must have been a very ill Badger and Snake inside.

Once James Stewart had finally got his 200 off the pin end mark, Race 4 began the way Race 3 ended with Craig/Bedborough and Burlton/Bonsey storming away from the fleet with a first and a second respectively. Woods/Fletcher continued their excellent run to finish 3rd whilst the ‘Brothers Grimm’, Chris & Matt Bailey, began what proved to be their best day’s results ever by sailing through the fleet to finish 4th.

The wind continued to strengthen into race 5 gusting up to a force 5 as the fleet fought their way up the first beat. Another surprise at the windward mark came with the arrival of the ‘Brothers Grimm’ in first place closely followed by Craig/Bedborough and Burlton/Bonsey. A long battle ensued with all 3 sharing the lead but Craig/Bedborough got the better of the other two to take their 4th straight win. Normal service was resumed when the Brothers Grimms’ kite jammed, allowing Burlton/Bonsey through to finish second. Robbie Wilson/Jamie Hilton followed up in 4th, consolidating their position in the overall results as top Scottish boat.

Going into Race 6, with 4 firsts and a 5th, Craig/Bedborough appeared to have the event in the bag, but with Burlton/Bonsey only a few points behind they could not afford to be complacent. They started well and despite a large shift that left many of the fleet over-standing the windward mark, arrived first – closely followed by Gavin Fleming/Richard Higgins. A broken kite halyard soon to pay to Craig’s lead, but with the event not sewn up, they attempted to continue without a kite. Unfortunately an incident at the leeward mark with John ‘Wayne’ Hookway left them with a nasty hole, a bent rig and out of the race. This left the way open for Burlton/Bonsey to win the event if they could finish first. After Fleming/Higgins capsized at the second windward mark the only thing that stood in Burltons way was the Grimms who, to their amazement, were winning again. At the last windward mark, the Grimms appeared to have come out on top, but Burlton/Bonsey broke cover, found a wind lane and romped home to take the race win and the overall event. Kenyon/Lewis continued their consistent form to finish third and take third place overall.

RS 400 results overall:

Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total
1 Craig Burlton Andrew Bonsey 1 4 2 2 2 1 8
2 Nick Craig Keith Bedborough 5 1 1 1 1 DNC 9
3 Robin Kenyan Toby Lewis 6 2 3 5 DNC 3 19
4 Ian Wood IanFletcher 2 3 6 3 DSQ 9 23
5 Robbie Wilson Jamie Hilton 14 5 5 7 4 4 25
6 Chris Bailey Matt Bailey 15 8 9 4 3 2 26
7 Greg Obrien Colin Staite 7 6 4 8 5 6 28
8 Steven Leask J. P. Mc Caldin 4 11 14 10 6 5 36
9 John Hookway Dan Wood 9 9 10 6 DNF 11 45
10 Martin Browne Dinah Holmes 3 10 11 DNF 9 15 48
11 Mason Woodworth Simon Hamilton 10 7 7 18 14 12 50
12 Nick Holt Derek Hill 22 14 12 9 8 7 50
13 Gavin Fleming Richard Higgins 12 13 15 12 7 8 52
14 Ding Brown H. Brown 17 12 8 11 DSQ 10 58
15 Craig Hepplewhite Bert Schooling 11 15 13 14 10 DNC 63
16 Colin Ferrier Tom Watson 18 16 16 16 12 14 74
17 Alistair Reid Calum Reid 13 22 17 17 15 13 75
18 John Murphy Sarah Murphy 20 17 18 15 16 16 82
19 Bob Stott Liz Stott 23 21 20 19 13 17 90
20 Michael Alexander Felicity Bristo 8 20 19 DNS DNC DNC 99
21 Donald Maclean Ken Hutchison 16 19 DNC 13 DSQ DNC 100
22 Helen Stewart Bryon Stewart 21 DNS DNC DNF 11 18 102
23 John Callaghan Badger 19 18 DNC DNS DNC DNC 115
24 Olly White Gerry Hughs 24 DNS DNC DNF DNC DNC 128
25 Jane Scott Niall Morrison 25 DNS DNC DNS DNC DNC 129

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