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A report from US Sailing's Orange Bowl Youth Regatta in Miami

Friday January 3rd 2003, Author: US Sailing, Location: United States
More than 450 young sailors were in Miami between Christmas and New Year’s Day, December 27-30, to compete in the 2002 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta in Biscayne Bay.

The competition was fierce in all seven classes with a record number of young sailors from around the nation and eight foreign countries participating. This year’s regatta was the largest Junior Olympic Sailing Festival in US SAILING’s five-year affiliation with the event with a 15 percent increase over last year’s attendance.

Mayumi Roller won the Optimist Green fleet by an incredible 52 points. In the Club 420 fleet, Eric Storck and John Kempton won the gold medal. The race between second and third place remained exciting until the end: the brother-sister team of Adam and Melanie Roberts took second-place after winning the tie-breaker from Justin Law and Silja Lentnin who ended in third place.

The two brothers Marcus and Alex Bernal won the gold medal in the 29er fleet, while Greg Helias took the gold in the Laser fleet and Chris Alexander won the Radial fleet. Other notable winners are Ivan Aponte-Taboas in the Optimist White fleet, Emily Dellenbaugh in the Optimist Blue fleet and Jesse Kirkland in the Optimist Red fleet.

After four days of sailing under warm and sunny skies, the new champions received their medals at the Coral Reef Yacht Club from Magnus Liljedahl, the 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist.

Also awarded was the Arthur Merrill Trophy for the top Southern Florida Optimist Sailor to Niklas Anderson of Boca Raton. The Magnus Liljedahl Sportsmanship Trophy, which recognises a personal and unselfish commitment to the principles of fair play and competition, was awarded to Bernie Rosler of Franklin Heights, New Jersey.

At the end of a race, Rosler was incorrectly scored in first place and, although the error was in his favor, Rosler approached the chairman of the race committee and requested the score to be adjusted.

The Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta is the premiere youth regatta in the country. Approximately 20 youth sailing events a year are held nationwide as part of the US SAILING Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals, a program designed to encourage young sailors to learn and have fun with sailing. West Marine is presenting sponsor of the US SAILING Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals. Gill North America is an official supplier for the Junior Olympic Program.

Final results:
22 boats; 11 races completed
1. Greg Helias (Los Angeles, CA), 21 points
2. Bobby Noonan (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), 33 points
3. Adrian Affoo (Trinidad), 42 points

77 boats: 11 races
1. Chris Alexander (Coral Gables, FL), 39 points
2. Parker Shinn (San Diego, CA), 42 points
3. Thomas Barrows (St. Thomas, VI), 49 points

Club 420
75 boats; 11 races
1. Erik Storck/John Kempton (Huntington, NY), 54 points
2. Adam and Melanie Roberts (San Diego, CA), 65 points
3. Justin Law/Silja Lentnin (Newport Beach, CA), 65 points

10 boats; 15 races
1. Marcus and Alex Bernal (Santa Barbara, CA, 19 points
2. Cameron and Graham Biehl (San Diego, CA), 34 points
3. Mykes Gutenkunst and John Goldsberry (Mill Valley, CA), 42 points

Optimist Green Fleet (novice, age 15 and under)
52 boats; 15 races
1. Mayumi Roller (St. John, VI), 18 points
2. Brandon Long (Miami, FL), 70 points
3. Alex Sachs (Coral Gables, FL), 71 points

Optimist White Fleet (age 10 and under)
28 boats; 11 races
1. Ivan Aponte-Taboas (Yumacao, PR), 178 points
2. Blake Cabassa (Miami, FL), 248 points
3. Gregory Dair (San Pedro, CA), 265 points

Optimist Blue Fleet (age 11-12)
56 boats; 11 races
1. Emily Dellenbaugh (Easton, CT), 44 points
2. Tommy Fink (Miami, FL), 67 points
3. Nick Voss (Miami, FL), 69 points

Optimist Red Fleet (ages 13-15)
48 boats; 11 races
1. Jesse Kirkland (Warwick, Bermuda), 26 points
2. Kyle Rogachenko (Collegeville, PA), 28 points
3. Carlos Teixidor (San Juan, PR), 44 points

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