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Association offering free membership to new Lark sailors

Wednesday March 26th 2003, Author: Emma Harris, Location: United Kingdom
It's not too good to be true! If you've never been a member of the association, but are a Lark owner, the class would like to hear from you. As part of their ongoing campaign to find all the Larks in the country, the class is offering a year's free membership of the association.

Being a member of the association brings all sorts of benefits - not just the three newsletters and a yearbook sent out annually and an up to date website, but in supporting the roots of Lark sailing. The association organises everything from open meetings to the national championships; they run local and national training events and publish speed tips and tuning guides; they market the class to encourage growth and involvement so that Lark sailors can continue to race against other Larks. A healthy class association brings with it increased competition and a lot more fun, not to mention a healthy second hand boat market, which every Lark owner should appreciate.

So, if you would like to become more involved and find out what's happening, not just in your neck of the woods, but nationally in the Lark fleet, contact Rachel Jones on 07900 056461 or email And don't forget, if you haven't been a member before, your first year's membership will be free!

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