Smack Down Under, another crap sailing video?

Andy Nicholson reviews the new film which tells the story of the RMW Team at the skiff worlds
I feel in a slightly awkward position. Apart from persuading new readers to The Daily Sail to part with cash and join the site, I have never had the opportunity to say impartially ‘Buy This’. I am a real fan of high performance sailing, the skill of the sailors really impresses me, and my lack of skill in this area is probably the reason why I only get to drink beer with them and get to race water pushing dug-outs. This I blame on my parents who didn’t encourage me to chase girls in Toppers but cruise the Solent in a caravan. So you could say that I am the perfect person to review ‘Smack Down Under’, a tale of the RMW Marine Team at the JJ Giltinan Trophy - the effective 18ft Skiff Worlds in Sydney two months ago, as this is about as close as I will ever get to racing an 18. Given the DVD and the video to view at my leisure, it was good fortune that I decided to watch the DVD immediately, as the next day ‘my’ 28” widescreen, with all the knobs, was repossessed by a returning GBR Challenge sailor. I then had to fall back on old fashioned video technology for my second viewing and was just as engrossed - a good sign that this film doesn’t rely on Dolby THX surround sound to work. Following our intrepid trio; Dan “danger is his middle name” Johnson, Rob “in charge of the which way stick” Greenhalgh and his brother “the slayer of females” Pete, the 85 minute film combines the personal story with the racing at the JJ Giltinan Trophy to it’s edge of the seat 0.3 point conclusion. Pete is the least camera shy of the three and comes out with some superbly cringing lines. Just eight