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Peter Danby reports on the 18ft skiff racing so far

Saturday January 11th 2003, Author: Peter Danby, Location: United Kingdom
On the second traditional lay day of this event, after five heats have been sailed, it is always interesting to look at the points situation and consider the effect the discard will have at the end of the regatta.

If we look at the situation at this point and assume a discard, the relative positions of the boats are affected surprisingly little - just a place or two here or there. In fact, the order of the first six boats in this year's event is not affected at all if we take the discard into account at this moment. The more significant fact is that the difference in scores between one boat and the next vary depending on how consistent they have been.

To illustrate this, the very consistent RMW Marine currently heads the standings with a reasonably comfortable lead over General Electric of 12.7 points, but when the discard is applied, the less consistent General Electric's deficit is reduced to only 3.7 points, which makes their chances of making it up in the final two heats appear much better.

So, it seems nice to be able to drop a bad score at this stage, but the problem is that incurring another bad one in the final two heats will mean that the least bad one will have to counted, which is likely to be very detrimental.

In fact, the whole thing is so full of ifs, buts and endless combinations that trying to make too much of it at this stage is probably not a very good idea. It will make much more sense to look at it after the penultimate heat tomorrow.

In the meantime, for those who like to speculate on what might happen, the points with and without a discard are shown below.

The only certain thing is that, with the current leader of the world rankings sitting at the top of the points table, followed quite closely by the reigning world champion, and then by a five times world champion, there is still some fantastic racing to come over the weekend.

Points after five heats without a discard:

1. RMW Marine, Rob Greenhalgh GBR, 22 points
2. General Electric, Howard Hamlin USA, 34.7 points
3. Omega Smeg, Trevor Barnabas AUS 36.7 points
4. Total Recall, Tony Hannan AUS, 39.4 points
5. Express Post, Hugh Stodart AUS, 50 points
6. Aristocrat, Gary Phillips AUS, 59 points
7. Yandoo, John Winning AUS, 64 points
8. Computer Associates, Jack Young AUS, 65.1 points
9. Casio Seapathfinder, Michael Coxon AUS, 79.7 points
10. Asko Appliances, David Lumb AUS, 86 points
11. Terry Hogan Prestige Cars, Chris Dixon AUS, 107 points
12. Flawless, Pablo Soldano ITA, 110 points
13. Fisher & Paykal, Grant Rollerson AUS, 111.7 points
14. Rag & Famish Hotel, Warwick Rooklyn AUS, 114 points
15. Churchill's Sports Bar, Ben Austin AUS, 115 points
16. Ovington Boats, Dave Ovington GBR, 121 points
17. Radii, Andy Richards GBR, 122 points
18. New Zealand, Chris Skinner NZL, 129 points
19= Sunday Telegraph, Clynton Wade-Lehman RSA, 130 points
19= Link Associates, Tim Penfold GBR, 130 points
21. Avaya, Peter Morrison AUS, 135 points
22. Ronstan, Geoff Carveth GBR, 139 points
23. Computacenter, Neale Fitzgerald GBR, 143 points
24. Ernst & Young, Jarrod Simpson GBR, 144 points
25. Base 1, Rob Dulson GBR, 148 points
26. Rosemount, Micah Lane AUS, 155 points
27. Hermes, Ed Browne GBR, 156 points
28. Team Canada, Fred Eaton CDN, 160 points

Points after five heats with a discard:

1. RMW Marine, 12 points
2. General Electric, 15.7 points
3. Omega Smeg, 22.7 points
4. Total Recall, 29.4 points
5. Express Post, 37 points
6. Aristocrat, 41 points
7. Casio Seapathfinder, 43.7 points
8. Yandoo, 46 points
9. Computer Associates, 48.1 points
10. Asko Appliances, 64 points
11. Flawless, 74 points
12. Fisher & Paykel, 74.7 points
13. Rag & Famish Hotel, 77 points
14. Terry Hogan Prestige Cars, 79 points
15. Churchill's Sports Bar, 82 points
16. Radii, 86 points
17. Ovington Boats, 90 points
18= Sunday Telegraph, 93 points
18= New Zealand, 93 points
20. Link Associates, 94 points
21. Avaya, 97 points
22= Ernst & Young, 106 points
22= Ronstan, 106 points
24. Computacenter, 107 points
25. Base 1, 112 points
26= Rosemount, 119 points
26= Hermes, 119 points
28. Team Canada, 124 points

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