Young gun update

Almost 18ft skiff world champion Rob Greenhalgh discusses his plans with The Daily Sail
Rob Greenhalgh has something of the young Lawrie Smith about him. Talented, cocksure, possibly even arrogant he dominates the 18ft skiff circuit in the UK and has undoubtedly a handsome career ahead of him in yacht and dinghy racing. But God wasn't looking in Greenhalgh's direction at the recent JJ Giltinan Trophy for the 18ft skiffs in Sydney harbour, where his yellow hulled RMW Marine was leading by a comfortable margin. "We didn't choke, we never had a bad race, but it didn't go our way really," admits Greenhalgh. "The final two races - we could have won with a race to go. We were on our big rig, everyone else was on their small rig." But circumstances conspired against them in the penultimate race. "We were leading by about a minute and a half going into the last beat - quite a big old lead - when we got caught out by the Manly ferry and got becalmed behind that for a while and lost two boats as a result. That meant we had to race the final day. It was all quite close on points - too close for comfort really. Third and fourth couldn't get to us, so it was just between us and Howie [Hamlin]". Unfortunately the required result didn't come to pass and the talented American Howie Hamlin retained his title. Greenhalgh had his 49er sailor brother, Peter doing bow with regular Dan Johnson in the middle. "We cut Dan's head open when we were out on our first day's training. It was quite windy and we put the boat down the mine in the middle of a gybe and he was in the middle of the boat gybing the kite and his head hit the jib track and there was blood everywhere." Johnson was taken