The man with the golden start gun, Part two

The Daily Sail continues the discussion with Peter Reggio
Peter Reggio’s career as a professional race officer has been years in the making, only really turning full time in 1996. At this stage he was now running all the NOOD regattas in the States and his reputation was growing further afield. Being out on the water, as a competitor and as a race officer, combined with his broad contacts through his sailmaking days, Reggio was perfectly poised to make his next big step. He first got involved with the America’s Cup, and more specifically the Louis Vuitton Cup in 1999. Reggio takes up the story: “The New York Yacht Club was the challenger of record, I knew the guy in charge and I knew the chairman - Dave Elwell. Basically, being honest with you, I put in my resume as a joke.” Nonetheless he was taken on as deputy to Vince Cook. The pair looked after one of the two racing ‘circles’ where the challengers did their sparing. The combination obviously worked well as when the competition progressed to the later stages it was Cook and Reggio who stayed through to the finals of the Louis Vuitton Cup. Harold Bennett (who Reggio has huge respect for), from the New Zealand Yacht Squadron, was PRO for the actual America’s Cup match between Team New Zealand and Prada. Reggio then got the nod for the position of PRO for the 2002/2003 Louis Vuitton Cup. In among the action every day for months TheDailySail asked Reggio what his abiding memory of the event was. “All I remember is getting sick of people asking me what the weather was going to do. It’s like - ‘I can control that? No!’” Again his relaxed approach to things he has no control over comes through, as he continues; “because the scheduled got so buggered from the weather problems, people