Goodison moves ahead of Scheidt

Light winds prevail on the second day of the Kiel Regatta

Friday June 24th 2005, Author: Myrrh Walker, Location: United Kingdom

Very light winds set the scene for day two of the Kiel Regatta. With a seven knot breeze whispering across the Fiord, racing was held off until the afternoon with the first start at 13.00 hours. Many of the fleets found the light conditions challenging but Team GBR remained focused and had a successful day. 

The 49ers were the first fleet to head out to the race course. Chris Draper and Simon Hiscocks continued to perform well and maintained their position at the top of the fleet.  Just behind the British team are the Italian duo of Pietro and Gianfranco Sibello who won the gold at this same event last year. 

In the Laser, Paul Goodison had another consistent day. Winning both of his races, Goodison just managed to beat out the Athens Olympic Gold Medallist Robert Scheidt from Brazil.

“Today was a very tricky day for sailing.” Goodison explained, “You really had to pick where the breeze was going and sail with the wind. I managed to wiggle my way out of trouble a few times and luckily my decisions paid off.” 

After a challenging first day Yngling sailors, Sarah Ayton, Annie Lush and Lisa McDonald have climbed from sixth place up into fourth. The girls are just one point off of the leader’s board and will be looking to elbow their way to the top of the fleet. However, they have some tough competition as the top three slots are held by three Russian teams, including Ekaterina Skudina who took bronze medals at both the Princess Sophia and Hyeres Regattas earlier this season.

Team GBR are in good standing after the second day of the Kiel Week but will have to work hard to defend the places they have taken and to continue to push out the competition.


470 Men

1-Matias Buhler/ Marcos Lamas, AGR (1,2,1,1)  5 pts
2-Mathew Belcher/ Nick Behrens, AUS (2,1,1,5) 9 pts
3-Michael Anderson-Mitterling/ David Hughes, USA (3,2,3,6) 14pts


5-Jonny McGovern/ John Mapplebeck (2,8,3,8) 21 pts
21-Guy Tipton/ Chris Tattersall (10,10,13,14) 47 pts

470 Women

1-Sabine Walter/ Amtje Struckat, GER (9,1,5,3) 18 pts
2-Marcelien de Koning/ Lobke Berkhout, NED (4,2,2,12) 20 pts
3-Liying Toh/ Lee dhing Tok, SIN (10,9,7,2) 28 pts


20-Elizabeth Greenhalgh/ Rachel Larman (21,25,18,8) 72 pts
21-Melissa Heppell/  Rebecca Marriott (24,19,20,11) 74 pts


1-Chris Draper/Simon Hiscocks, GBR (3,1,1,1,1(8)) 7 pts
2-Pietro Sibello / Gianfranco Sibello, ITA (1,1,2,2,4,(5)) 10 pts
3-Nico Delle Karth / Niko Resch, AUT (4,2(DNF),1,3,2) 12 pts


5-Stevie Morrison/Ben Rhodes, (2,4,2,(8),5,7) 20 pts
7-John Pink/Alex Hopson (6,(15),3,7,2,6) 24 pts
9-Ian Martin/ Ben McGrane ((15),9,10,3,8,8) 38 pts
23-Roger Gilbert/ Olivier Vidal (,9,(16),9,10,14,13) 55 pts
30-John Wilson/ James Barker (13, 9, 5, 2,(23),19) 66 pts
32-Paul Campbell James/Jony Clegg (RDG, 20, 7, 12, 13, (25.00) 67.4 pts
33-Dave Evans/Rick Peacock (14.00, (DNC), 14.00, 15.00, 11.00, 14.00) 68 pts
63-Tom Dawson/Steve Wilson (DNC,DNC,(DNC),DNC,DNC,DNC) 171 pts


1-Gasper Vincec, SLO (2,3) 5 pts
2-Jonas Hoegh-Christensen, DEN (4,2) 6 pts
3-Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic, CRO (3,9) 12 pts


7-Ed Greig (8,17) 25 pts
18-Mark Andrews (16,29) 45 pts
26-Ed Wright (BFD, 1) 66 pts
43-Matt Howard (BFD, 20) 85 pts


1-Paul Goodison, GBR (2,1,1,1) 5 pts
2-Robert Scheidt, BRA (1,2,1,2) 5 pts
3-Andreas Geritzer, AUT (1,2,2,2) 7 pts


6-Mark Powell (5,5,4,5) 19 pts
10-Charles Ballie Strong (14,2,5,1) 22 pts
19-James Gray (6,6,3,12) 27 pts
33-Keir Clark (1,12,17,11) 41 pts
35-Bruce Keen, (9,14,11,7) 41 pts
36-Andy Brooks (4,11,9,18) 42 pts
37-Nick Thompson (10,3,10,20) 43 pts
46-Stephen Powell (4,13,2,29) 48 pts
51-Andrew Commander (14,16,5,17) 52 pts

Laser Radial

1-Paige Railey, USA (1,2,2,(7),1) 6 pts
2-Tatiana Drozdovskaya, BLR (3,1,2,2(15) 8 pts
3-Karin Söderström, SWE (2,4,1,3(5)) 10 pts


8-Andrea Brewster (9,(18),5,1,6) 21 pts
12-Laura Baldwin ((OCS),13,6,7,1) 27 pts
16-Charlotte Dobson ((15),12,8,2,8) 30 pts
24-Lizzie Vickers ((20),14,5,14,9) 42 pts
38-Colette Blair (17,18,19,(20),11) 65 pts


1-Ekaterina Skudina/ Tatiana Lartseva/ Diana Krutskina, RUS (3,5,1,(13),2) 11 pts
2-Vlada Ilienko/ Natalia Gaponovich/ Ekaterina Kovalenko, RUS (1,4,2,5(6)) 12 pts
3-Anna Basalkina/ Vladislava Ukraintseva/ Calina Lukashova, RUS (4,9,3,(15),1) 17 pts


4-Sarah Ayton/ Annie Lush/ Lisa McDonald (7,3,(10),3,5) 18 pts
13-Dom Lindsey/ Diana Shanks/ Fleur Oswald ((12),10,11,6,9) 36 pts
17-Gemma Farrell/ Rachel Howe/ Caroline Bowen ((OCS),14,16,12,20) 62 pts


1-Heiko Kröger, GER (2,1,2,3(5),1) 9 pts
2-Thierry Schmitter, NED (3,2,3,1,1(6)) 10 pts
3-Helena Lucas, GBR, (1,3,1,(4),3,3) 11 pts


4-Michael Cogswell (6,(13),4,2,2,5) 19 pts
6-Allan Smith (4,(9),6,7,8,7) 32 pts

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