At the show

TheDailySail has a look around Southampton Boat Show
The Southampton Boat Show is a pleasant day out in the late summer sunshine and fortunately that is exactly what TheDailySail had when we took a quick trip around the stands on Tuesday. The most obvious change was that the Guiness Bar has been replaced by the RYA! Surely we don’t need to get into training for 2012 yet! Towards the end of our day we did however locate the ‘Irish Embassy’ which has relocated to the enlarged Solent Park area of the site, presumably pulled there by the gravitational forces surrounding the enormous Sunseeker presentation which has relocated there too. This is just a brief glimpse of some things that caught our eye. At the show entrance The Met Office demonstrated their METweb service which is currently going through a period of revision – a re-launch is due over the winter. Principle developments include more detailed animated wind forecasts and wave height prediction for the waters around the British Isles. One key area they are looking at is the pricing system. The Met Office’s Sancha Tetlow explained that they are ditching the ‘token’ system in favour of a more simple pay-as-you-go model, based very much around a conventional web shop. Tetlow says that this should make it more appealing for first timers to try the service. Something of particular interest at the show was the new V3000, although the word 'new' is not entirely correct. Following the announcement that Laser would be ceasing production of the Laser 3000, the class association and boat builder Jeff Vander Borght ( Vander Craft ) decided to rejuvenate this now slightly old design. Although a lot of work has been put into updating the boat, what has changed is not particularly obvious at first glance. The biggest difference, says Vander Borght is the move away from a polyurethane moulded design and back