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Opinions voiced on the 2008 Olympic venue and the new ISAF President...among others
In his December column Ian Walker laid down the facts about Quingdao, the sailing venue for the 2008 Olympic Games, and the very real possiblity of a zero (or at least sub-five knot) wind regatta warning of the potential damage this could do for the sport. Irishman Maurice 'Prof' O'Connell had this to say: ISAF is displaying a lack of leadership on this issue. Why has ISAF not suggested Hong Kong? There is a ready made yacht club network, a strong one-design ethos and it is a very 'global' city. I first heard of Hong Kong being mooted in 2002 as the Olympic venue. Surely this is a critical critical decision that will affect the perception of our sport? We need some breeze at our Olympics and we do not need more TV picture of boats that were designed for wind to be drifting around again. William Hooper had a similar view: It should be a simple decision. Now that Hong Kong is part of China move the Olympic sailing to Hong Kong. Mike Arstall argues that countries should make some tough decisions and not go at all: We have to accept that the Olympics now are more driven by politics and sponsors than anything else so it will take a very concerted effort by the world sailing authorities - ALL of them, to change anything. As part of that, hard data (real) must be presented and if the wind is hopeless then everyone should insist on a change BEFORE they build the facilities otherwise there is not a snowball in hell's chance of getting a change. Someone from some country will always be happy to sail or drift around and gain a gold medal irrespective of whether it was a true test of sailing ability so we cannot rely on everyone to boycott