A significant contribution

We report on Dave Ovington's funeral, some personal views of his life and work, and what now for Ovington Boats
The enormous attendance at Dave Ovington’s funeral last week was a visual gauge on just what an impact his untimely death has had on all those that knew him. Holy Saviours Church in Tynemouth was packed full. All the seats taken, all the standing room taken and another estimated 200 outside - listening to the service over a PA in the spring sunshine. Many had had an early start to the day travelling to the North East of England; others had simply walked from their homes nearby. It was a hugely dignified and personal service, the Vicar Tim Duff, had known Ovi himself and once crewed for him in a local race. Tributes were spoken and hymns sung as many fought back tears, with others unable to. Adam Ovington, Ovi’s eldest son aged 20, was remarkable in his composure and spoke fondly of his father and his family. For many the service showed just how Ovi had touched so many lives in some many walks of life. The Ovington family were joined by friends, the local community and sailors, and staff and customers of Ovington Boats. As the Vicar so aptly put; “Each of you will have your own personal memories of David, Dave, Davi, Ovi...” A reception was then held at the Grand Hotel in Tynemouth, a short walk down to the sea from the Church. Nick Kincaid, a long time friend of Ovington summed up why so many had attended the day: “I think that comes out of him being such a well liked personality. There were a lot of people there who knew Dave, but may never have done business with him or bought boats from him - but they were there because they knew him and appreciated his commitment to sailing generally, not just to classes he was building. “The