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The International 14 class is holding a try-a-14 day at Queen Mary SC

Tuesday March 21st 2006, Author: Archie Massey, Location: United Kingdom
Ever wondered about sailing an International 14 but didn’t know where to start? The International 14 Class is running a try-a-14 Day on Saturday 25 March at Queen Mary Sailing Club in Middlesex, for sailors who have been thinking about giving this challenging dinghy a go.

Recent developments such as the T-foil rudder have made the boat not only faster but easier to sail, with the wing on the rudder adding another two knots of boatspeed upwind in planing conditions and enabling crews to drive the boat much harder downwind without the fear of nosediving that plagues other fast asymmetric dinghies. These days it’s quite common to hit speeds of 20 knots or more downwind, and still the boat feels safe.

International 14 owners will be at Queen Mary with their boats on Saturday 25th March, ready to take sailors out for 45-minute trial sails.

So if you reckon you’re up to the challenge, then please book a time for your trial sail, by sending an email to Class President Archie Massey, or tel 07714762819. (You must book a spot before friday and bring your own harness).

Finally it's up to owners discretion on whether they feel confident to go out for a trial sail in 20+ knots.

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