Fresh first day

A good strength breeze filled in for the first day of Kiel Week 2006

Thursday June 22nd 2006, Author: Hermann Hell, Location: United Kingdom
In contrast to the week preceding the event, the Olympic classes (with the exception of the Yngling who had too few entries to compete) had a solid breeze for the first day of racing at Kiel Week regatta. South Westerly winds reaching a maximum of 22 knots in heavy gusts dominated the four outer race areas of Kiel fjord.

First “ships home” after two races were the Tornados, and the top three teams included: D. Bundock and G. Ashby (AUS,) in first place. F. Echavarri and A. Paz (ESP) in second, closely followed by L. McMillan and W. Howden (GBR) in third. The team from “down under” finished both races in first position.

The 49er fleet was split into two groups due to 120 boats entering the event. In the overall results G. T. Stanczyk and P. Kusmicki (POL) lead after three races, closely followed by G. Wicke and W. Jeschonnek (GER) in second, and J. Warrer and M. Kirketerp (DEN) in third position.

A good mixture of nationalities topped the Finn Class with a fleet of 55 starters: Jonas Hoegh-Christensen (DEN) just took first place overall on count back, narrowly beating Dan Slater (NZL) who is on the same points. In third place, currently is Croatian sailor Ivan Klakovic-Gaspic.

Over 170 Laser entries caused the race committee to split the fleet into three groups. After three races, the lead is shared by the following teams: Michael Blackburn (AUS,) Zbogar Vasilij (SLO) and Gustavo Lima (POR.).

In the Laser Radial fleet Petra Niemann (GER) is leading the charge, scoring just four points in three races. Some way behind in second place is Mateja Petronijevic (CRO,) with 27 points, followed by fellow country woman Gea Barbic (CRO) on 31 points.

Well known for winning numerous Kiel Weeks in the Laser Class, Robert Scheidt (BRA) got off to a great start in his Star this week and finishes the first day leading the fleet. Nevertheless this will be far from an easy victory as he has the same points overall as the second placed team F. Marazzi and E. Huter (SUI) and the third placed team Robert Stanjek and F. Kleen (GER.)

The 470 Men and 470 Women fleets both enjoyed two exciting races in fantastic conditions in the Southern area of Kiel fjord. The top teams in each class represent the excellent international participation from all over the world at this year’s Kiel week, most of them on their way to qualify for Qingdao in 2008 In the 470 men, Sven and Kalle Coster (NED) are leading with A. Cesic and A. Kujundzic (CRO) second and M. Belcher and N. Behrens (AUS) third. The Aussie girls E. Rechichi and T. Parkinson (AUS) lead the female fleet while K. Kadelbach and S. Schroeder (GER) and S. Vogt and C. Flatscher (AUT) fight it out for second and third place respectively.


Laser Radial

1-Petra Niemann (Berlin) 4,00,
2-Mateja Petronijevic (Split) 27,00,
3-Gea Barbic (Split) 31,00,
4-Sarah Steyaert (La Gripperie saint Symphorien) 33,00,
5-Fenclová Veronika (Praha 4) 33,00,


1-Gustavo Lima (Lisboa) 3,00,
2-Zbogar Vasilij (izola) 4,00
3-Nick Thompson (lymington) 9,00,
4-Thomas Le Breton (COMBRIT) 11,00
5-Andrew Murdoch (Auckland) 12,00


1-Robert Scheidt / Prada Bruno (Rio de Janeiro) 6,00,
2-Flavio Marazzi / Etienne Huter (Bern) 6,00,
3-Robert Stanjek / Frithjof Kleen (Berlin) 9,00,
4-Mark Mendelblatt / Mark Strube (FL ) 9,00,
5-Benny Andersen / Mogens Just (Kolding) 12,00,


1-Jonas Høgh-Christensen (Copenhagen) 5,00,
2-Dan Slater (Auckland) 5,00,
3-Ivan Klakovic-Gaspic (Split) 6,00,
4-Marin Misura (Split) 7,00,
5-railey zach (clearwater) 12,00,


1-Tomasz Stanczyk / Pawel Kuzmicki (Warsaw) 8,00,
2-Gabriel Wicke / Wolf Jeschonnek (Kiel) 8,00,
3-Jonas Warrer / Martin Kirketerp (Århus N) 10,00,
4-Pietro Sibello / Gianfranco Sibello (Alassio) 12,00,
5-Davio Evans / Rick Peacock (Birmingham) 12,00,


1-Darren Bundock / Glenn Ashby (North Avola) 1,00,
2-Roland Gäbler / Gunnar Struckmann (Tinglev) 2,00,
3-Andrey Kirilyuk / Valery Ushkov (Moscow) 3,00,
4-Olivier Backes / Paul-Ambroise Sevestre (Marseille) 4,00,


1-Damien Seguin (CRACH) 1,00,
2-Thierry Schmitter (Den Haag) 2,00,
3-Heiko Kröger (Mönkeberg) 3,00,
4-Bjørnar Erikstad (Oslo) 4,00,

470 Men

1-Mathew Belcher / Nick Behrens (Gold Coast) 8,00,
2-SIME FANTELA / Igor Marenic () 9,00,
3-sven coster / kalle coster (uithoorn) 13,00,
4-Zandonà Gabrio / Trani Andrea (Fogliano) 15,00,
5-Ante Cesic / Ante Kujundzic (Split) 15,00,

470 Women

1-Elise Rechichi / Tessa Parkinson (Mosman Park) 6,00
2-Kathrin Kadelbach / Saskia Schroeder (Berlin) 11,00,
3-Sylvia Vogl / Carolina Flatscher (Salzburg) 15,00,
4-Oliveira Fernanda / Swan Isabel (Porto Alegre) 17,00,
5-lauren jeffries / Rike Ziegelmayer (Brisbane) 22,00,

RS:X Men

1-Maksymilian Woycik (Warsaw) 5,00,
2-Maksym Oberemko (Evpatoria) 9,00,
3-Moritz Martin (Linsengericht) 11,00,
4-Fabian Heidegger (Caldaro) 14,00,
5-Przybytek Michal (Dobrzyn) 22,00,

RS:X Women

1-Olga Maslivets (Evpatoria) 6,00
2-Marta Hlavaty (Warsaw) 10,00,
3-Wiebke Sradnick (Berlin) 15,00,
4-Agata Brygota (Warsaw) 15,00,
5-Jenifer Kesik (Leba) 18,00,

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