Hitting the gas

Latest video and update on Paul Larsen's speed sailing campaign
The work up for SailRocket continues down in Weymouth. The video here was shot on Sunday. Paul Larsen reports: Well we went for it again yesterday in more breeze as promised. I went with the old soft sail mentality where if it feels like it's a bit too much and all a bit risky... then we should back ourselves and go for it. If this boat is ever going to do its stuff then we have to get used to sailing in stronger stuff. We had wind and tide in our favour and a great group of helpers now becoming pretty handy at handling the boat. Malcolm [Barnsley] was down as was Dom, Gretel and Alex. The launch all went smoothly but when we pulled up the rig at the near end of the course the boat began to go head to wind and then through head to wind. It wanted to tack and we couldn't stop it. Now the boat was fully backed and we were relying on all the safety's built in for just a scenario. We decided not to fight it but to go with it and lead the whole craft around into a gybe which would put us back on course. I sheeted the wing in tight so she wouldn't slam across and around she came. Thankfully she was undamaged and ready to go. The RIB let me go and I sailed slowly up onto the course to allow them to get in position half way down. Alex was using a tripod to film from on the shore. Sailrocket quickly accelerated up to 25 knots while I juggled the mainsheet between the coarse and fine tune. In all the excitement of the circle work I hadn't paid enough attention to configuring the mainsheet so that there was enough travel in