Flying high

Thomas Jundt talks to us about his foiling 18ft Skiff
By now many of you will have seen the videos of a foiling 18ft Skiff circling the internet. We saw it a while ago and quickly went on the hunt for some more information. After a bit of chasing we managed to make contact with the owner, who promised to speak to us as soon as possible. Here is his story behind the pictures. Thomas Jundt is an engineer by trade, living in Switzerland, and has been sailing an 18ft Skiff on Lake Geneva with his crew for the best part of 15 years. Originally he was a 505 sailor but work commitments left him with little time to compete at an international level. Jundt says they were looking for a boat which would still be fun and exciting even in the light winds often prevalent on the lake and would also give them a challenge. “We bought an 18 footer because we do not have enough money to buy a big silly boat to sail,” he admits. However, the problem with buying a boat to give you a challenge is, it becomes significantly less challenging over time. After 15 years of sailing the 18ft Skiff Jundt and his crew were beginning to get itchy feet and yearned for something to challenge them again. The options they were faced with were to either buy a new, different boat - which could be very expensive or start racing the 18 on the international circuit – which would take up too much time. This decision making was going on about three years ago just, as it happens, when foiling Moths were beginning to receive some more serious media coverage. “I was reading a magazine and in there I saw the first developments of the foiling Moth sailing and straight away I though I really had