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Sam Pascoe shows us around his Mistress design, plus action footage of the Moths foiling a speed, in-air gybing, etc
Following on from yesterday's update from Simon Payne and Sam Pascoe on the latest from the foiling Moth class, so today we publish our latest video of these extraordinary boats .. In this clip we see Simon Payne and Sam Pascoe setting up their boats in the beach, while Sam Pascoe talks us through the latest appendages he is using and then gives us a guided tour to his Mistress 3. Click here to view (NB: this video is 28MB in size). In this clip see Simon Payne, Sam Pascoe and Alex Adams out training (and, yes, some posing) on Chichester Harbour. While there is a lot of footage of the boats straight lining it at speed, there is also a lot of the guys demonstrating their airborne gybes for our benefit. Click here to view (NB: this video is 24MB in size). See also - Paul Larsen's on board video from Sam Pascoe's Moth and on board video from Adam May's Moth. Compare the latest footage above with the gybing at the Inland championship last year.