History made in Port Elizabeth

Anna Mackenzie and Holl Scott have becme the first ever females to win the Mirror World Championship
This December in Port Elizabeth, South Africa history was made by two teenage girls from the UK, Anna Mackenzie and Holly Scott, who took victory at the Mirror World Championship. The win represents the first time Britain has won the event in ten years and, more importantly still, is the first time two females have EVER won the regatta in the history of the class. Freshly returned from South Africa, Mackenzie and Scott speak of their success in a very down to earth fashion. Far from both being blown away, they seem to take it in their stride, not eager to blow their own horn. Designed in 1963 by Barry Bucknell and Jack Holt, the Mirror is the epitome of the 1960s DIY boat. However, recent years have seen the class change significantly: First came the introduction of decent fibreglass boats and this was followed in the summer of 2006 by the class officially abandoning their old style wooden gaff rigs in favour of a much more modern aluminium Bermudan rig (below). This winter saw the first test of the new style rig at the World Championships in South Africa. Interestingly the new style of rig coupled with the boat’s status as an RYA recognised Junior may be responsible for a glut of young sailors into the class, particularly females. Scott, the crew, seems to think the amount of girls sailing in the class is almost self perpetuating, “I think because there are a lot of girls sailing the boat it is easy for more girls to start,” she says. “I also think girls can sail the boat and handle it because it is not too much hard work.” But the very fact there are a significant number of female teams sailing the boat seems to make the recent victory for