Is TASA for you?

We take a look at a new open meeting concept
The high performance dinghy market only ever seems to be big enough for a finite amount of active classes. Technology continues to progress leaving boats as young as ten years out of date and arguably no longer fit for purpose. Many boats of this style are designed to be as high performance as possible, but as technology moves on these classes become outmoded sailors moving on to other newer more up to date boats. Many of these less fortunate classes are now fighting back with what could be looked at as a new style of open meeting circuit. For many years now people have been sailing in handicap fleets at their home clubs, but this has always been limited to sailing on home waters, bar a few one off events . The question is: what happens to those who want to travel but are sailing a relatively small class? Conceived in late 2006, TASA (the Trapeze and Asymmetric Sailing Association) is an organisation which runs races for a variety of different classes. The man behind TASA and current Commodore of the Association is Alex Ford, who came up with the idea after several yeas of frustration in and around his own class. “The original reason I set up TASA was because I sailed a Spice and I was the Class Association Chairman for about a year,” he explains. “During this time I found it unbelievably frustrating and difficult trying to find a venue for events because we would only have a very small turnout. Originally the idea was to create a Topper asymmetric fleet so the Buzz, Spice, Boss and Iso would all be involved.” After several weeks of consideration Ford realised there were many other people in the country who must be struggling with the same issue and slowly the concept evolved