Cats for the chop?

We speak to the RYA about their two submissions to ISAF calling for the removal of multihulls from the Youth Worlds and possibly the Olympics
Over the last few days cat sailors across the UK have been outraged after the discovery of two recent submissions by the RYA to ISAF for discussion at the November ISAF Annual Conference. The first submission fails to include the Tornado in a list of proposed classes at the 2012 Olympic Games and the second calls for the removal of multihull sailing at the ISAF Youth World Championships. Although the submissions are held on a public web-page and are viewable by all (see the site here) it is felt by many to be proof of an anti-cat sentiment within the RYA as well as an unacceptable lack of discussion between the RYA and cat sailors. However, before we go into whether or not this indeed spells the end for catamaran sailing in the Olympic Games and in youth sailing it is important to look at the facts. The submission by the RYA on Olympic classes is available here (submission No 103-07) and is quoted below: Selection of Events for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition Regulation 16 A submission from the Royal Yachting Association Proposal: The events for the 2012 Olympic Regatta shall be One person dinghy – Men One person dinghy – Women Two person dinghy – Men Two person dinghy – Women Two person, high performance dinghy – Men Two person, high performance dinghy – Women Windsurfing – Men Windsurfing – Women The final two events would be decided by the ISAF Council. Current Position: There are currently 11 Olympic events. For the 2012 Olympic Games there can only be 10 Olympic events. Reason: 1. The events listed above provide a natural progression for sailors. 2. The high performance dinghies & windsurfing provide exciting high speed racing that attracts media interest and delivers entertainment for the consumer. 3. Windsurfing & the one person dinghies provide an opportunity to have high numbers of countries