Ready to take flight

The RS600ff class will have 13 people at their first open meeting
With foiling taking off in recent years, particularly the birth of the foiling Moth, we have seen a number of other classes take to the skies, as it were. There has now been the Swiss foiling 18ft Skiff (read about it here), reports of a number of different foiling International 14s and even a foiling Cherub plan/hoax. However, for the most part only the Moth has managed to make a class and until now groups of boats foiling together were a rare sight outside of the Moth Worlds. In recent months though the RS600ff (the foiling 600) has begun to take off and this weekend will see a fleet of the boats gathering in Weymouth for the first time. The concept for the RS600ff originally came from Linton Jenkins of Full Force Boats who builds the Mistress design of foiling Moths. After a few months of reported sightings over winter 2005-06 Jenkins finally confirmed his plan to retro-fit foils onto the RS600 back in March 2006 at the Dinghy Sailing Show in London. “We were getting so many people saying, ‘well, if the Moth was bigger and had a trapeze and a bigger sail, I would give it a go’,” explained Jenkins at the time. “We started thinking about building a boat that would do the job but when we actually looked at it there was a boat that fitted the bill perfectly: the RS600.” However, even though this boat was officially announced at the 2007 Dinghy Show and supposedly unveiled at the event (although the foils never quite managed to be delivered in time) it has not been until recently that foil kits have actually begun to arrive at people’s door. For a long time the only person out racing around in a 600ff was ex-UK Moth National Champion, Sam