Prototype hull unveiled

LDC have unveiled the prototype RS800 that will attend the ISAF Womens High Performance Dinghy Trials
LDC Racing Sailboats, the company behind the RS range of dinghies, have finally (officially) announced their decision to take their modified version of the RS800 to the ISAF Women’s High Performance Dinghy Trial in late May. Following on from much discussion with the current class association and the RS800 owners club the official decision to take the boat to the trials was made early this week. When we spoke to Martin Wadhams recently on the verge of making the decision he explained the most important thing to the company at that stage was to ensure the class did not split in two directions and become distilled in some way. This remains an important issue for LDC and they are keen to stress this decision has been made in conjunction with the RS800 Owners Association. Although the boat has been confirmed to be at the trials a decision has not yet been made as to the situation with the new design. As we know LDC are sending a slightly modified boat to the trials and they have given the class association the chance to accept or turn down the modifications. In this instance the class is currently undecided about their feeling towards the future of the boat but are giving their full consent to the class going to the trials. “If the class gets through the selection process, then we will look at whether we want to change the boats and the way in which the class works,” explained Nick Peters from LDC. LDC are adamant that the changes will not affect the performance of the boat - just a few tweaks to make it a more efficient twin trapezing platform. Mostly this involved making the deck less cockpit like and changing it to a shape more akin to the 49er