What comes next

We talk to Phil Morrison about his current projects
Few designers in the world have a portfolio as diverse as Phil Morrison. Based in the West Country Morrison has worked on the America’s Cup, Open 60s, racing multihulls, keelboats, but his first love remains dinghies. Here he has designed many boats from National 12s to International 14s to more recent single manufacturer one design boats such as the RS200, 400 and 800. With a number of new projects currently on the go, life, for Morrison at least, does not look likely to get any quieter soon. Most recently Morrison says he has been working more reactively, doing jobs that come to him. Currently he has nine projects on the go and it is a case of who asks first. One of the main projects he is involved with is the design of a new Development Canoe. The International Canoe class is effectively split at the moment with some boats going asymmetric and a number of people building boats to a new development rule, the future of which will be decided on at the next World Championships in 2008 (to read more about the Development Canoes read our article here). Morrison was approached some months back by Canoe sailor, Phil Robin, to design a new Development Canoe to be built by Andy Patterson of Bloodaxe boats - whos own Development Canoe is shown below. “Phil [Robin] asked me to design one, so I just sketched one out. He and Andy [Patterson] are meeting about now, I have sent him the first draft of the lines so they can chat about it and he seems fairly happy with what I have drawn so far,” he explains. A number of people are currently designing new Development Canoes and while these are on the more extreme limit of what it allowed by the new