Coming of age

Martin Wadhams talks to thedailysail about LDC's support for the foiling RS600
One of the most talked about boats of the past year or so, certainly in the UK, has been the foiling RS600 or 600ff. One of the big questions from the start of this project was just how involved the builders of the RS600, LDC, would be. At the recent Dinghy Sailing Show that question was answered as the foiling 600 made its debut on the LDC stand. So the company are now fully supporting the boat, but how do the logistics of this new/old design work? First, a bit of history: foiling kits to make 600s airborne was devised by FullForce, run by foiling Moth builder, Linton Jenkins in Weymouth. “FullForce had recognised from their involvement in the Moths there were a lot of people that had, had a go at foiling but were too big to sail Moths,” explains LDC Managing Director, Martin Wadhams. “So they thought they would develop a foiling boat for a bigger sailor and felt the 600 was the right boat for the job.” How the boat has developed since FullForce settled on the RS600 we have covered previously in articles here and here. So now LDC has come onboard with the foiler will they be taking over completely from here? “Our relationship is still as a supplier of the RS600 and if someone wants a foiling boat FullForce still fit it out with the add-ons,” Wadhams explains. In theory then the set-up is still much the same as it was previously. If you wanted to sail a foiling 600 before you still had to go to LDC to buy one - or, as many have done, buy a second hand boat. That boat then had to be taken to FullForce to be fitted with the relevant foiling kit. So the support from LDC is