The first Champion

Sam Pascoe talks about the RS600FF and his latest win in the class
The first ever RS600FF National Championships took place this weekend in fantastic conditions in Hayling Island (see event report here.) The event was won convincingly by foiling guru, Sam Pascoe, who has been the man to beat in the class since he started testing the boat in the early days of its development. Pascoe has been a foiler for many years now, having started in the early days of the foiling Moth in the UK. He quickly became an integral part of the Mothing scene, winning the UK National Championships in 2006 and finishing fourth at the 2007 World Championships in Garda. Weight, however, had long been the bane of Pascoe’s moth career, being up in the 80kg zone, when much of the fleet is hovering around the mid to late 60kg mark. Although, as he proved, this did not seem to hinder him too much, it was also clear a foiler designed for the heavyweight would be a slightly better option for him. While still Moth sailing, Pascoe went to work for Linton Jenkins at Full Force Boats, primarily building the Mistress design Moths as well as other work the company took onboard. It was while this was happening Jenkins began to develop the foiling 600 with Pascoe’s considerable experience as a foiler making him the perfect test pilot. We have long followed the progress of the RS600FF from initial sightings in Weymouth Harbour, to the recent announcements that it would be supported by RS and that new RS600FFs would be of all carbon construction. As such we were excited to hear about the first National Championships for the class, even if it was a fairly low-key affair. It was of little surprise Pascoe took victory at the event and, in honesty, most probably presumed he would win from