11th medal debate rumbles on

We take a look at some of the submissions for this year's ISAF Annual Conference
At the end of this week the ISAF Annual Conference will get underway in Madrid, Spain. With the conference coming up, there has now been a full year for the sailing community to come to terms with the Multihull category being removed from the Olympics. Clearly, this remains a very big subject with many submissions relating to this issue. However, there are some other papers that make for interesting reading too. The row over the exclusion of the 11th medal from the Olympic Games has not gone away in the last year and it is a subject that has remained in the general conscious of the whole sailing community this year. As we have mentioned previously ( here) the IOC are said to be in discussions about re-introducing the 11th medal, though at present exactly when a decision might be made or how likely it is that the 11th medal will be added to sailing is unknown. In spite of this a number of submissions this year relate to the re-instatement of the 11th medal, though none is more succinct in its aims as submission 079-08 from Yachting New Zealand: Proposal: That appropriate and urgent representation is made by ISAF to the IOC to reinstate eleven events for the 2012 Olympic Regatta. Current Position: Council decided in November 2007 to select the following 6 events for Men in the 2012 Olympic Regatta: - Windsurfer - 1 person dinghy - 1 person dinghy (heavy) - 2 person dinghy - 2 person dinghy (high performance) - Keelboat The multihull was eliminated in order to reduce these events from 7 to 6. Reason: The requirement to eliminate one event from the slate for the 2012 Olympics was going to be an issue for the sailors in the event that was dropped, and this has proven to be the case for the multihull stakeholders. The situation would without doubt