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On the Olympic Medal Race format
The medal race format, where the top 10 boats get to sail the final race, counting for double points, was introduced for this Games amid much controversy. Last week we looked at how it affected the results. James Davies writes: Not sure I entirely agree with the suggestion that the public struggle to comprehend the various scenarios about who needs to come where in the medal race in order to winner or still get a medal. Plenty of football fans are capable of explaining to you before the last weekend of the season who needs to beat who in order for a certain team to avoid relegation or for a certain team to take the title if it is a close race (in fact the Premiership is often like the Qingdao medal races in that by the last game of the season one team just needs to turn up to guarantee winning the title). I think it is possibly more of a lack of coverage or interest prior to the medal race which means that spectators are not aware of the overall position going into the medal race or are not totally familiar with the racing format. This can surely be remedied by better explanation before the race starts by the commentators and as James Boyd has suggested by the use of cunning electronics which could provide a constantly update display of what the overall outcome will be based on the current position in the medal race. As to the idea that the medal race is unfair,although it may seem unfair that once person can guarantee a medal by keeping another person at the back of the fleet, similar tactics have been used in Formula 1 at the end of the season for years and that has plenty of