Sketch/North Sails into the lead

After the second day of tracing at the B14 Worlds in Carnac

Saturday August 29th 2009, Author: Mark Barnes, Location: United Kingdom
Day 2 started with a promising 8-10 knot thermal breeze from the southwest building to 10-12 knots breeze. The day was to prove a good one for the opening of this year’s main championships.

Race 1 began with a square start line and most of the fleet bunching at the committee boat end. Leading up the first beat were the local team FRA739 (Alain Cadre/Farcois Cadre). Pinky & Perky (Alan Davis/Toby Barsley-Dale) struggled off the line and tacked off to the right corner to clear their air. This worked well and at the top mark they led from FRA739, Seavolution 1 (Mark Barnes/Pete Nicholson) and then Anthill Mob (Tim Harrison/Jonny Radcliffe). Throughout this race Pinky & Perky led with Seavolution1 moving into second. Behind them the race for third was being fought by Sketch/North Sails (Dave Hayes/Richie Bell) and Anthill Mob, but Sketch/North sails pulled through and piped Seavolution1 for second on the line.

Race 2 began with more breeze and a 20 degree shift just before the start, making the pin end favoured. Anthill Mob and Seavolution 1 port tacked the fleet to lead into the right corner and these two led around the windward mark with Seavolution 1 slightly ahead. Following these two was a battle between Gill (Nick Craig/Toby Lewis) and Sketch. At the top mark second time around, Seavolution1 led from Anthill Mob, then Gill, Sketch and Acxiom (Mark Emmett/Allan Stuart). At the finish this order remained the same but in the protest room Seavolution1 was to lose first place due to an incident on the first beat shortly after the start.

Race 3 started with a slight port bias and the fleet spread across the line. Anthill Mob started at the port end again with Acxiom in the middle and the other front runners nearer the committee boat end. Acxiom led the fleet into the right corner followed by Seavolution1 and Team Gill and at the top mark Acxiom led from Gill then Spartan Wetsuits (Henry Wells and Trevor Child) and Anthill Mob. By the top mark second time round, Anthill Mob had overhauled Spartan Wetsuits and Gill were chasing Acxiom hard, coming down the inside. At the finish Gill won by a length from Acxiom, then Anthill Mob and Spartan Wetsuits.

Race 4 started with slightly more breeze, now up to 12 knots, still from the same direction. The line was slightly starboard biased this time and most of the fleet were at the committee boat end. Gill in the middle o the line had an incident resulting in a capsize, just seconds before the start. The Anthill Mob made an involuntary tack onto port locking up with Seavolution1 on starboard. As the fleet pulled off the line, Acxiom led from the middle, leaving Anthill Mob, Seavolution1 and Gill on the line. Coming into the top mark, Acxiom led from Sketch and Neil Pryde Sailing (Rod Boswijk/Sharon Binney). Down the run the fleet split and at the bottom mark it was Acxiom followed by Sketch and then Seavolution1 chased by Simmons & Simmons (Mark Watts/George Morris). Over the next lap Acxiom held a sizeable lead from Sketch who had to fight off the attack from Seavolution1 but this order remained at the finish.

Overnight Sketch lead from Acxiom and then the Anthill Mob - each separated by one point.

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