Going monomaran

After a Tornado silver in Beijing, Darren Bundock describes the painful process of starting an Olympic 49er campaign
Well we never thought we’d see the day…. It feels like we’re announcing someone having a sex change operation - but Darren Bundock, Australian Tornado and catamaran stalwart and silver medallist in both Sydney and Beijing has gone monohull. He was spotted last week sailing a 49er at the Princess Sofia Trophy. “I guess it is very disappointing for me that I am here for the first time without the Tornado,” admitted Bundock to thedailysail. “I’ve been coming to Europe since 1991 sailing the Tornado, so it is definitely is a change to be here without it.” Impressively the first time Bundock says he sailed on a monohull was around Christmas time last year! “It is all a real change for me - a completely different discipline, going from two hulls to one and it certainly has been very difficult for me. Realistically I had only done one or two weeks training before we got here, so I guess I can’t be expecting too much.” Fortunately he has in his crew the highly accomplished Ben Austin, who with his former helm Nathan Outteridge were the 2008 World Champions, only to finish the alarming up-in-the-air 49er medal race in Qingdao a disappointing fifth. “I guess the hardest thing is keeping it up the right way, because it is amazing how unstable they are!” continues Bundock of his move to the monomaran. “I guess it is really a boat handling thing I need to get up to speed with because tactically they aren’t much different. But boat handling - it is just a huge mountain to climb.” Aside from the rather key issue of it being at the opposite end of the scale in terms of stability, the 49er is otherwise about as close to the performance of the Tornado as one can get on