Sparky's Olympic update

RYA Olympic Manager Stephen Park brings thedailysail up to speed the Team GBR road to 2012
The RYA's Olympic Manager, Stephen Park was the Dinghy Show at the weekend, providing an ideal opportunity for the Daily Sail to catch up with a state of nation regarding Skandia Team GBR and his thoughts going forward towards London 2012. The Daily Sail: We understand that several other nations are studying the successful Team GBR format hard - are you worried about others catching up? Stephen Park: "There is no doubt that people will catch up and it will be more competitive in 2012 than ever before. We can see that from the international activity that is going on in Weymouth already. But we will continue to evolve our program and how we are working with our sailors. At this stage of the program it is about tightening up our activity. It is about consolidating in certain areas, in certain areas of our support and making sure that, like any business in this economy, we don’t have too much fat in certain areas, and being fit for purpose, although unlike many other businesses we are not directly related to finance companies, because the bulk of our budget is secure for the next four years. It is about making sure we get the biggest bang for our buck and if we spend too much money in some areas, there won’t be enough money for other areas." DS: Anything specific? SP: "We are working very hard in terms of a performance management system, to make sure we have got a continual program of assessing and working with the sailors and coaches to ensure that we are spending money in the right areas. In terms of specifics we’ll be reducing the number of staff we have on the sports science side. We’re reducing to a certain extent some of the coaching staff and again