Video: Foiling 18ft skiff

Footage of Thomas Jundt's amazing three man foiler, while he gives thedailysail a guided tour of his craft
One of the most interesting foiler projects on the go at present is the 'high-rider' 18ft skiff of Swiss engineer Thomas Jundt. At present (and we would like to be proved wrong!) we think this is the world's biggest monohull foiler. On display at the World Yacht Racing Forum in early December was Jundt's extraordinary skeletal machine, which it has to be said is bearing less and less ressemblance to its 18ft skiff origins. First see this four minute video of Jundt's Mirabaud foiler in action. In part two, at the WYRF Jundt gives us the guided tour to how his boat evolved, its features, how the foils work, problems scaling it up from the Moth, etc. This video is 24 minutes long and can be viewed here. Sit back - enjoy. NB: This video are formatted to play in Windows Media Player and are LARGE in size - therefore only suitable for those with a suitably fast broadband connection. They should play out as they download. Mac users can now view .wmv files by downloading a suitable add on to Quicktime - for example we use Flip4Mac which works a treat. The only noticable difference is that while the clip will play out while downloading on a PC in Internet Explorer, on a Mac it must download first.