Mini transat on a multihull

Greg Homann tells us of the potential horrors of his imminent crossing on a modified Marstrom 20
18ft skiff turned cat sailor Greg Homann is to set off today on what he says is likely to be his greatest challenge in a 20 year sailing career that has included three wins in the 18ft Skiff Grand Prix Sailing series, a 24 hour record on Tracy Edwards' Maiden maxi-cat, to sailing around the world non-stop in the Oryx Quest. At present Homann, 45, is in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria readying himself for a solo crossing of the Atlantic on board a highly modified Marström 20 cat. In 2004 Homann had made a similar attempt on the Atlantic crossing to Guadeloupe aboard an F18 that resulted in his having to be rescued. “It all went pear-shaped and I had to be rescued, but I learned a lot from it and I enjoyed it,” says Homann, who like Volvo turned Figaro sailor Liz Wardley originates from Papua New Guinea. “I was just doing a training run and I got the weather wrong. Instead of getting 25-35 knots I had 45, which was a bit much...” Times have moved on and after several seasons campaigning VX40s and racing the Archipelago Raid this year with Ellen MacArthur, Homann is back on board his own racing cat, this time one of the lithe all-carbon uber-Tornados, the Marström 20. “It is just to do something a bit different I think,” says Homann when we enquire what as to the attraction of the record attempt. “I have always wanted to do some solo sailing, so this is the first step I suppose and see how it goes and if I like it I’ll see if I can do some more.” The Marström 20 is very much more sophisticated than the F18 he used on his previous attempt. The hulls are modified with watertight bulkheads in