New women's Olympic match racer

We take a look at the newest Olympic Class, the Elliott 6
Last weekend the Elliot 6m was officially selected as the class of choice for the Women’s Match Racing at the 2012 Olympic Games. With Match Racing being an entirely new event for the women, there was much discussion had by the ISAF Council around this decision before they eventually decided on the New Zealand designed, three person keelboat. At the beginning of the meeting there were nine classes in the frame all of which had been approved at the Mid-Year Meeting in May. These were: Elliott 6m (Modified), J/22, J/24, J/80, Laser SB3 (Match), Sonar, Star, Ultimate 20 and the Yngling. However, before the Council could get into the business of selecting their preferred equipment there were two submissions pertaining to this decision that needed to be dealt with. The first was Submission M03-08 which, if passed would allow non-international ISAF classes to be selected for the Women’s Match Racing event. Obviously it was very important this went through as there are very few suitable keelboats that are an international Class. This submission was passed easily and with little need for debate. The next submission was a bit more contentious and so the discussions went on significantly longer. Submission M04-08 called for the equipment selection for Match Racing to be postponed until the mid-year meeting. The reasoning for this was, unlike other disciplines, the class of boat used for Match Racing is much less important so a delay would not have an adverse effect on Olympic teams’ training and would allow the Council more time to select the right equipment. After much discussion, this submission was passed meaning the Council would be able to delay the decision if they wanted to. However, they then voted in favour of making the decision then and there, effectively negating the vote in favour of submission