Champion of champions

Toby Lewis talks about his second consecutive Endeavour win
The UK Champion of Champions regatta, the Endeavour Trophy came to a close this weekend, with a very unsurprising result: Nick Craig won his fourth Endeavour Trophy, an impressive score for one of Britain’s top amateur sailors. However, in the front of his boat, Toby Lewis was winning his second consecutive Endeavour having taken the trophy the previous year crewing for Steve Tylecote. It is a sad fact of the sailboat racing world that helms tend to achieve more fame than crews and as such it is rare to get a crew, other than in the Olympic or professional scene, who is known outside of their own class. It would seem though, that Lewis is slowly starting to make a name for himself with his two high profile wins at the Endeavour making people sit up and take notice of him. 27 year old Lewis started out in sailing very early and began, as most do, by sailing an Optimist. However, he was not the most committed Optimist competitor, admitting he rarely got out on the water. “I started sailing an Oppie, but that was only about one week a year at Spinnaker SC, during the summer regatta,” he admits. Following his intermittent stint in the Optimist, Lewis and his family moved to Poole, where sailing became a more regular activity, out of Parkstone Yacht Club. “When I went to Poole, I started sailing a Mirror and then switched into a Topper and finally I got a 420,” He states. Although changing classes fairly regularly is common in youth sailing, having competed in so many different boats is fairly rare. This seemingly unsettled attitude to classes is something Lewis has kept and even now he sails several different types of boat. Even in the early stages of his sailing Lewis might