Big names in Burnham

It is another strong entry list for this year's Endeavour Trophy
Returning for the third year since a major overhaul to the format, the Endeavour Trophy is set to take place this weekend on the River Crouch. The UK Champion of Champions event has proved very popular with the various invited National Champions in recent years and the 2008 event looks to be no exception. Back in 2004 the Endeavour boat of choice was the RS400, however, with no clear sponsorship deal competitors were relied upon to beg borrow or steal a 400 for the event. This lead to an understandable downturn in numbers and the regatta was looking unsteady. Happily back in 2005 Topper International signed up to loan the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Burnham – the events’ spiritual home – 30 Topper Xenons. This, in turn has seen a dramatic rise in the number of competitors taking up their invitations and the Endeavour has looked healthy once again for the last three years. In addition to Topper signing on for the 2005 event Holt also came in as a title sponsor for 2005, 2006 and 2007. However, this year the company has dropped out leaving the Endeavour Trophy with Topper as the effective title sponsor. A new event sponsor is actively being sought and should be in place by next year. Meanwhile, Topper have signed up to the event until 2010 so the boats and numbers are safe for the foreseeable future. As with previous years the regatta is now effectively a three day event. Friday is a day of training on the water, with coaching on hand from Adam Bowers for those crews who are unused to the set up of the boat. Sailors will be keen to ensure they are familiar with all the equipment on their boat, practicing maneuvers and looking at their rig and sail tune