Qingdao round two

We take a look at the form as the Paralmpic Games are set to begin
This weekend the Paralympic Games will get underway in Beijing. Included in the event are three Paralympic sailing classes including one entirely new boat, the Skud 18. The sailing regatta is due to get underway on Monday 8 September, following measurement over the weekend. Sailing was first introduced to the Paralympic Games at Sydney in 2000. At the time only two classes were used, the Sonar and the 2.4mR and this set-up remained for the following Games in Athens. Recently the Skud 18 has been introduced as a new class while the Sonar and the 2.4mR remain in the Games. Broadly speaking there is still little funding for Paralympic teams and few countries are able to offer their Paralympic athletes any thing like the funding available to Olympians. As such many of those sailing at the Paralympics will lead a much less professional life than their Olympic peers – and as a result is much more in the orginal Cornithian spirit of the Olympic movement. As with the Olympic sailing competition last month the Paralympic sailing will take place in Qingdao, several hundred miles from Beijing. As we have covered extensively, Qingdao is often a very light wind venue and proved as much during the Olympic competition (with a few strong blustery days randomly thrown in for good measure). However, even though it is only a month later than the Olympics the average wind speed is much better during September in Fushan Bay and as such competitors are expecting significantly better conditions than those in the Olympics! The tide is also expected to be a little slacker which, combined with the better wind should make for much better racing for the Paralympians. One of the main differences between Olympic competition and the Paralympics is while ISAF and the IOC actively discourage mixed