Looking ahead

The newest International 14 World Champion talks about hi plans for the coming year
The International 14 class has been slowly developing since its inception in the early 20th century. This remains the case today and at every World Championship there is invariably something new to been seen or discussed. This year, the World Championship was won by Brit helm, Archie Massey along with his American crew, Matt Noble, in a two year old boat.For those who wonder how such a sailing relationship can form over such a long distance, Massey points out that the pairing was more a matter of convenience. “Matt has come third at the 29er Worlds twice I think, once in San Francisco and once in Hayling,” Massey comments. “I lived in California for a year and a half when my local 14 club was Richmond Yacht Club. Matt is a member there, so we just got together for this event.” This team was only together for this World Championship, due to Massey relocating once again this year. “I am actually going to live in Sydney. My boat is being shipped over there at the moment and I plan to be out there at least until the next Worlds. I am living in Bondai to start with but then I am moving over Manly where the Worlds are going to be held. Hopefully I will be able to sail three times a week there.” Obviously with his previous partnership over with and a relocation taking place, Massey will be looking for a new crew. Currently nothing is set in stone but the Brit says he has talked to International 14 and 18ft Skiff sailor, Cameron MacDonald about a possible partnership. With his move to Australia happily coinciding with the build-up to an Australian International 14 World Championships, we wondered how much of this planned move is about defending his World Championship title.