Getting used to the conditions

Evi Van Acker updates us on her progress out in Qingdao
Out in China a significant number of sailors are now out training in preparation for the Olympic Games. However, a few classes still have major events to go before the Games get underway. Evi Van Acker in the Laser Radial is just one sailor preparing for both the Olympics in August and the Radial European Championships coming up in early July. Following the World Championships in Australia, young Belgium, Van Acker has been spending a significant amount of time out on the water in China, where she is at present. “After the Worlds we went to Hyeres and then we did the Delta Lloyd regatta in Holland and then we came here,” she explains. “We have been here for three weeks and we are going home in two days.” Having spent so much time out on the water in China Van Acker says she is getting used to the much discussed conditions. “They have been great actually,” she comments. “We have got sailing in most days. Mostly it has been light winds, but then we have also had some breezy days too. The current has been strong as always and we have been having a lot of seaweed lately which has been annoying. I am sure they will do something about that though.” Above: Seaweed in Qingdao In fact the large amount of seaweed floating around has been discussed to a great extent on the internet since photos started circulating around a week ago. Evidently the weed has been caused by storms blowing the seaweed onto the coast. However, this is already being remedied to some extent. “They have very old boats that they take the seaweed out of the water in. But it looks like it has been getting worse and worse every day so far though.” In spite of the predicted