"The bad luck has poured rather than rained for us"

Iain Percy describes his horror show Star World Championship
Former Finn Gold medallist turned Skandia Team GBR Star sailor Iain Percy was suffering from might be politely termed ‘mixed emotions’ when we spoke to him in Miami. On the one hand he and crewman Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson had won the day’s race, the fifth at this year’s Star World Championship. On the other he was bracing himself for the worst overall result he has posted at a regatta in living memory. And this in an Olympic year... So what came right today? “It wasn’t really that,” replied Percy with a grunt of resignation. “It was more the ridiculous things that have gone wrong in the week rather than the things that have gone right today. We’ve only competed in two races for a start and one of them there was a 45deg wind shift just after the start which we didn’t predict and the other one we fought hard in light winds to get back to 8th. “Yesterday a shroud snapped – I’ve never seen that happen before - when we were going to have a top three. The other race - the whole fleet was over and we got caught behind while bailing out. We were up there in that - we were fourth at the top mark in that. “I know it is easy to come up with excuses, but it has been one of those weeks where if it is going to happen it is going to happen to us.” Generally there has been a mix of conditions at the Star Worlds - the first day was light 6-7 knots, the start of today’s race 5-6 but building. “The first day was incredibly light and tricky and you just had to get the first puff which none of the top guys really did,” recalls Percy. “We