Big breeze and black flags

Hamish Pepper discuses the competition halfway through the Star World Championships
Above: Pepper and Williams in big breeze yesterday. “It was windy as hell out there,” explained USA’s Mark Mendelblatt upon returning to shore after yesterday’s 30 knot race at the Star World Championships in Miami. Hamish Pepper, after scoring a second place, was somewhat more subdued “Well, today was extremely difficult. It was very fresh and there were big squalls coming through as well as a number of shifts,” the New Zealand, 2006 Star World Champion explained to TheDailySail. “But we managed to hold on pretty well and finish up second, so we were pretty happy with that.” Inspite of the difficult conditions on Tuesday – day four of the championship – Pepper says for the most part the weather and the sailing have been great in Miami. “Generally it has been really nice. There have been some really great conditions here. So far it has been warm and nice with light to medium breezes, great conditions really.” Despite a second place in yesterday’s tough conditions Pepper is trying not to read too much into the results at this stage. “To be honest I have not yet looked at the score-sheet so I don’t know what is going on,” he admits. “At the end of the day with a black flag we can’t look at the results until we get a drop and as soon as we get one we will be able to play the game really.” Pepper and his crew Carl Williams picked up their black flag on Saturday, the second day of the championships, along with 24 others in the fleet. With almost a quarter of the competitors receiving a black flag in that race, one might think something particularly special might have happened at the start. However, Pepper reveals there was nothing special about it. “Everyone was pretty eager and